Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's keeping us busy!

Simone threatened to take me off her blog list if I continued to neglect my blog! That was a couple of weeks ago! I've finally made time to give my blog a little TLC.

Wyatt will be four months old next Friday! Wow! It's gone by so fast! He's changing everyday it seems! His new tricks include: holding his head steady on his own, "talking", smiling, finding his hands and liking them best in his mouth, deciding he does enjoy tummy-time after all, kicking his legs like he's a baby kangaroo and growing out of his clothes almost quicker than I can keep them washed! He's a chubby little cutey!

If we catch him in the right mood or do the "right" things he'll giggle for us! Andy was holding him on his lap today trying to help him balance. When Wyatt would start to fall over and Andy would catch him he would give us a good strong giggle. He had us laughing so hard! Andy kept on doing it until Wyatt decided he was done with this game and spit up on Andy's shirt!

He's sleeping in his own crib now & through the night for the last two weeks! He had been sleeping in his bassinet in our room. I'm starting to feel a little more functional now that I'm getting sleep!

We're waiting on Wyatt's 2 new cousins that will be here soon! Two boys to grow up with! I just know that these three boys that will all be in the same grade will be keeping 6 parents laughing, proud AND exhausted for the years to come! I'm looking forward to it!!! Let's just hope they don't get into too much trouble! ha ha!

Saturday 2/21

Daddy teaching him about Saturday morning cartoons, the man rule of holding the remote and zoning out while watching TV!

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See, that wasn't so difficult, was it???

It is really great to see pictures of Wyatt and to know you are doing well with mommyhood. It makes us feel more connected.

Wyatt is so adorable!!!! He was a beautiful baby and just keeps getting even more beautiful as time goes on!